The 3D Art of Fredo


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34 thoughts on “The 3D Art of Fredo

  1. sbann says:

    pretty sure this guy understands perspective

  2. wishjoy says:

    Reminds me of Escher.

  3. riyan says:

    Wow!! Awesome! cant believe these are just art

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  5. 1 0 3 says:

    Very nice worx in combination with the lighting !!
    my compliments.
    Indeed a bit Escher like, a bit. This is original.

  6. jerry says:


    I want to purchase an piece of art from you, how do i get into contact with you?

    Regards Jerry

  7. PrettyKitty says:

    A new Escher is born!

  8. Thom Ummels says:

    This is really beautiful. I love to wach this. Unbelievable real. You’ve got a special talent. Keep up the good work.

  9. lagermann says:

    Frikkin’ amazin!

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  12. Xnb says:

    jaw dropped!!

  13. CINNA says:


  14. nabina rana says:

    this is simply amazing

  15. sugandha arora says:

    this art is amazing…..totally incredible…..really gud…..

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  17. Kate Ster says:

    Wow you are great!! Keep up

  18. jorge cupane says:


  19. Real nice. One day I hope I have enough money to by a sketch from you!

  20. dcambrand says:

    Stunning art right there!

  21. elvis says:

    cara q material vc usa pra fazer esses desenhos

  22. gautje says:

    At first, when I saw one of those drawings on Facebook, I wanted to say “f*ck you, no way that’s a drawing”. Until I looked closer.

    Incredibly awesome!

  23. Rajkumari says:

    Amazing!! wanna meet this artist!….

  24. […] do artista > aqui. E esse site fez uma mini entrevista com ele que em menos de cinco minutos você […]

  25. Pedro Martinez says:

    k perro dibuja :) eres mi artista favorito

  26. Nik29 says:


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