Pencil Carving Art By Dalton Getty

Dalton Getty is a 45-year-old resident of Bridgeport who turns ordinary pencils into miniature sculptures, without using a magnifying glass

He works very slowly and does not use any special tools: for he needed only a blade, a sewing needle and a very bright light. To protect their vision, the author works for one and half hours a day. One tiny sculpture may take several months, and one creation may take Dalton 2 and a 1/2 years.

Dalton believes that his sculptures are forcing people to stay for at least a few moments to escape from the mad rhythm of modern life and see the beauty in miniature detail.

If You have more information on Dalton Getty please e-mail The Modern Artist at:

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18 thoughts on “Pencil Carving Art By Dalton Getty

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  2. Catherine says:

    Remarkable and fabulous! Where can one purchase one of Artiste Getti’s carved pencils – does anyone have this answer please?

  3. Chris Bruce says:

    I am the director of the Museum of Art at Washington State University, and would like to get in touch with Mr. Getty.

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  5. [...] Pencil Carving Art By Dalton Getty - all hand carved from a pencil lead with nothing but a very sharp knife, sewing needle and bright light. No magnifying glass! can you imagine! [...]

  6. Ten Nebula says:

    Peace and Light,

    I enjoy your arts blog.
    I hope all is unfolding in your life in ease,joy, harmony, and abundance!
    Have a great 2011!!!

    Bright Blessings,

    Ten Nebula

  7. tony mazzocch says:

    Where can one purchase one of the artist Dalton Getty’s carved
    pencils.Does any one know??????????
    Are awsome !!!!!

  8. tony mazzocch says:


  9. [could be loud, but fun] Pencil Carving Art by Dalton Getty [wow!]

  10. lynne says:

    If I could do this, I don’t think I could part with any of them!

  11. SassyFaz says:

    Where can I purchase Dalton Ghetti’s intriguging pencil art? Can’t seem to find online. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  12. Allison says:

    You are th second most remarkable man, right after GOD!

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